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Thanksgiving Turkey Craft
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thanksgiving crafts

By Lindaof Little Family Fun

This is something we did last year and enjoyed so much, we thought we’d do it again. The idea, however, originated years ago with some of my college roommates. I wish I could show you that turkey, because it was HUGE and filled up an entire wall! Enjoy making your turkey (whatever size it may be) with your kids!


  • brown paper bag
  • newspaper, cotton balls, or other filling
  • tape or sticky tack
  • stapler
  • colored construction paper (at least black, yellow, white, orange and red)
  • scissors
  • pen or marker


  1. Cut two bowling pin-shaped turkey bodies out of a brown paper bag. Stuff the middle (we used old newspapers) and staple them together to form the turkey's body.
  2. Cut out a pilgrim hat and buckle, eyes, nose, feet and wattle (the red, dangling body part under a turkey's neck) from the construction paper. Glue them on the turkey.
  1. Cut out feathers from the rest of your construction paper. Each feather will be used to represent something you or your child is grateful for.
  2. Anytime someone thinks of something they are grateful for, pick out a feather and write it down. Hang the turkey on your wall and add the feathers around it with tape or sticky tack.

After a month of gratitude, our turkey turned out to be quite a thankful fat, feathered fowl indeed!

Linda is a blogger and mother of three. She loves coming up with simple, easy, and creative ways to have fun with her kids. Her blog, Little Family Fun, is an inspiring resource for parents, grandparents, teachers, and anyone else looking for activities preschoolers will love.