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All is Fair
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Pedal Pulls are a Popular Fair Festivity
Pedal Pulls are a Popular Fair Festivity
SDPB 2018

After months of hard work, folks head to the fair. These celebrations of skill and productivity have been an endearing tradition since pioneers settled the plains. If you ask Alice and Haley Holzworth what their favorite part of the county fair is, they're torn between seeing old friends and enjoying unique food. Fair and Midway stands offer a wide variety of options from cheese curds to pulled pork, funnel cake to pie.

Alice and Haley Holzworth

Don't forget about the pie. Alice and Haley contribute to the Turner County Pie Contest each year, an event established by Gloria Preheim, Dee Herlyn and friends. Participants and judges say it is an event about as American as apple pie and the proceeds go to a wonderful cause. Patrons make a donation to pick up a slice. Money raised is passed along to the Turner County Food Pantry.

Turner County Fair Pie Sale

For more images from the Turner County Fair Pie Contest and Sale please visit SDPB's gallery.

SDPB also observed an event the pedal pull circuit. Kids get hooked as they push and pull their sled as far as they can down the asphalt track. It's all friendly and offers kids a chance to try out competition.

Performance is another form of competition and entertainment at fairs. Jerry Dearly travels the pow wow circuit and is a sought after emcee. Producer Michael Zimny catches up with Dearly at the pow wow and fair in Eagle Butte.

Many South Dakotans have participated in their county 4-H programs. The Bogue family near Beresford has four generations of club participants. Like so many other families, the activity is something that bolsters the bond that they already have with friends and siblings while preparing them for future success.

What is your favorite fair event? Does your community have a unique tradition? Dakota Life invites you to share ideas for future trips to the county fair.