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Senate Sends Bill Allowing Cameras in Nursing Home Rooms to Governor's Desk

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The Capitol Building in Pierre, SD

A bill allowing video monitoring of residents in assisted living or nursing homes is heading to the Governor’s desk.

The bill allows families to install a closed-loop video surveillance camera in their relative’s room after notifying the facility and gaining consent from the relative’s roommate.

With support from Avera, Sanford, and elder-care advocacy groups, the bill received little push-back in committees and no debate on the Senate floor.

Senator Phil Jensen presented the bill to the body. He says this option provides comfort to loved ones who can’t visit their aging relatives often.

“And in turn, House Bill 1056 will not burden the nursing facility or the assisted living center with any cost for installation, maintenance, repair, or control of the content.”

During debate on the House floor earlier this month, Representative Ryan Cwach expressed concern that leaving the financial responsibility to families could result in different levels of care between residents who do and don’t have video monitoring.

This point was not raised in the Senate, which passed the bill unanimously.