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The Missouri River Flood of 1881

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Spring Flood in Yankton and Vermillion, 1881
Images Courtesy Yankton County Historical Society

In March of 1881, winter ice on the Missouri River between Pierre, South Dakota and Omaha, Nebraska broke with disastrous consequences. Huge floating chunks of ice jammed the river channel, creating ice dams that held back that season's copious amount of meltwater. When those dams broke, the water was released and low-lying areas in towns like Yankton and Vermillion quickly found themselves inundated.

Image - 1881 Flood Ice Dams.JPG
Image - 1881 Flood looking southeast stereoview.JPG
Image - 1881 FLood looking southeast.jpg
Image - 1881 ice dam.jpg
Image - Excelsior Flour Mill 1881.jpg
Image - Missouri River 1881 Flood at Jacksons.JPG
Image - Kunze Brick Yard after 1881 flood.jpg
Image - Missouri River 1881 Flood Riverboat.JPG
Image - Missouri River Flood 1881 Capital St.JPG
Image - flood5.jpg
Image - Stereo View of 1881 Flood.jpg
Image - Missouri River 1881 Flood Riverboats.JPG