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Augustana’s School Of Music Announces Artistic Partnership With The South Dakota Symphony Orchestra

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Augustana Music
Augustana University

Augustana’s School of Music is forming a new partnership with the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra.  

Jennifer Teisinger is the executive director of the orchestra. She said the institutions have a long history. 

“So, the relationship goes back to 1922 with the establishment of the Augustana orchestra, which ultimately became what we know today as the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra,” she said. “So, this partnership isn't really new. It's more of a deepened and enriched relationship.”  

Orchestra members can now access Augustana’s facilities to rehearse and perform. 

The Sioux Falls university created its School of Music in 2020. Dr. Peter Folliard is the dean. 

“What we have in our own backyard with the South Dakota Symphony, are these outstanding professionals that are from the best institutions from around the world,” he said. “Any student who chooses to major in music will have the opportunity to be paired in a one-on-one learning relationship with those artist teachers.” 

Folliard hopes the partnership will attract talented students and faculty.    

The South Dakota Symphony Orchestra celebrates its centennial in 2022.