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Governor Noem Says Attorney General Ravnsborg Should Resign
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Noem AG

Governor Kristi Noem says South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg should resign.

The call comes as Noem releases documents from the investigation, starting today, into the fatal car crash in September.

Ravnsborg faces three misdemeanors, but no felonies in the crash that killed Highmore resident Joseph Boever last September.

Authorities say Boever was walking on the shoulder of the highway the night the crash occurred.

A spokesperson for Ravnsborg says he has no plans to step down from his position and will wait for the case against him to proceed.

If Ravnsborg were to resign or be removed from office, the governor has the power to fill a vacancy by appointment.

In 2009, then-Gov. Mike Rounds appointed Marty Jackley to be attorney general after then-Attorney General Larry Long resigned to become a judge.