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Lifelong Republican Opens Biden Field Office In Madison
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Presumptive Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden

There’s a Joe Biden for president field office opening up in Madison that’s run by Republicans.

Jack Weck is a public historian and former adjunct instructor of history at Lincoln Land Community College in Springfield, Illinois. He lives near Madison, now.

Weck says he’s aware of many Republicans who don’t like the direction the GOP party is going.

“We felt it was necessary to have a presence and to make a statement and say, ‘Look, Joe Biden seems to be a reasonable guy. He’s got decades of experience in government. He’s stable. He’s forthright and he’s clear,'" Weck says. "If you look at the last four years of the presidency, you will see anything but those traits.”

Weck says he’s a lifelong Republican.

South Dakotan’s for Biden is a private, ad hoc group, that’s not officially connected with the Biden campaign, nor the SD republican party.