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Tune in to SDPB for the state’s most comprehensive legislative reporting. This year marks the 91st South Dakota Legislative Session and SDPB Television, Radio, and Online will be on hand from start-to-finish of this year’s lawmaking session. SDPB's omnichannel legislative coverage begins with the Governor’s State of the State Address live from Pierre Tuesday, January 12 at 1 pm (Noon MT) on SDPB television, radio, and streaming online at

Here's how to stay informed on all the South Dakota State Legislature happenings:

SDPB Radio

Throughout the legislative session, Capitol Reporter Jenifer Jones delivers daily updates from Pierre. In addition, SDPB Radio News Team Gary Ellenbolt, Kealey Bultena and Charles Michael Ray file stories on legislative happenings, and Dakota Midday host Lori Walsh regularly features conversations with lawmakers and South Dakotans impacted by legislation.In addition, Radio News Director Cara Hetland hosts a daily podcast featuring a recap of the day’s legislative news – visit

SDPB Television

Watch Statehouseon SDPB1 each Friday at 9pm (8 MT) for a legislative wrap-up of news and events from the week in Pierre.

Meanwhile, SDPB2 airs Statehouse House – live coverage from the House Floor each day of the legislative session at 2pm (1 MT) and at 1pm (Noon MT) the last day of the legislative week. Directly following Statehouse House on SDPB2, viewers can tune in for Statehouse Senate – recorded coverage from the Senate Floor. Finally, SDPB2 broadcasts live State Press Briefings when Republicans, Democrats and the Governor address the media and constituents. The press briefings air on the last day of the legislative week, starting at 9:30am (8:30 MT). Check listings for details.

South Dakota Focus(LIVE FROM PIERRE)

Host Stephanie Rissler is joined by legislative leaders live in Pierre Thursday, Jan. 14 at 8pm

(7 MT) on SDPB1. Viewers are encouraged to join the live program discussion with their comments and questions by calling 877-825-5788 or by emailing

SDPB Online

For streaming and archived audio and video from legislative proceedings, committee meetings, and press conferences, visit


State of the State - Governor Dennis Daugaard - Tuesday, January 12, 1pm (Noon MT)

Live on SDPB1, SDPB Radio and streaming online at

Encore Presentation on SDPB1: Tuesday, January 12, 10 pm (9 MT)

State of the Judiciary - Chief Justice David E. Gilbertson, South Dakota Supreme Court - Wednesday, Jan. 13, Noon (11 MT):

Live on SDPB2 and online at

South Dakota Focus with Legislative Leaders (LIVE) - SDPB1: Thursday, Jan. 14, 8pm (7 MT)