Get Your 2018 SD Ballot Questions Answered Live at SDPB Studios
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SDPB Election 2018


Radio and Democracy in Action at SDPB’s Sioux Falls & Rapid City Studios

Sioux Falls & Rapid City, SD (Thursday, Oct. 11) – SDPB Radio invites the public to a live, in-studio program of In the Moment with Lori Walsh as we take a deep dive into the ballot questions of the 2018 election.

Listen live or at stop by the SDPB studios in Sioux Falls or Rapid City, Tuesday, Oct. 16, between 11am-1pm (10am-noon MT) as SDPB breaks down the initiatives and how they impact you.

Sponsors and opponents of the ballot questions join the live discussion and field your questions. Get your questions answered and take home a thank you gift, courtesy of Friends of SDPB.

Free and open to the public.

SDPB’s Sioux Falls Studios is at 601 N. Phillips Avenue, Sioux Falls.

SDPB’s Black Hills Studios is at 415 Main Street, Rapid City.

In the Moment – Live at SDPB Sioux Falls Studios

Tuesday, October 16

“2018 Ballot Questions” Program Break-Down

Hour One

11:07 – 11:25am CT

Initiated Measure 25: An initiated measure increasing the state tobacco tax and creating a postsecondary technical institute fund for the purposes of lowering student tuition and providing financial support to the State postsecondary technical institutes.

Speaking in favor: Rep. Mark Mickelson

Speaking in opposition: Steve Westra, Chair, South Dakotans Against Higher Taxes

11:27 – 11:40am CT

Amendment Z: An amendment to the SD Constitution establishing that a proposed constitutional amendment may embrace only one subject, and requiring proposed amendments to be presented and voted on separately.

Speaking in favor: Rep. Mark Mickelson

Speaking in opposition: Tony Helland, Dakota Rural Action

11:42 – 11:57am CT

Initiated Measure 24: An initiated measure prohibiting contributions to ballot question committees by non-residents, out-of-state political committees, and entities that are not filed with the Secretary of State.

Speaking in favor: Governor Dennis Daugaard

Speaking in opposition: Rep. David Lust

Hour Two

12:-07 – 12:27pm CT

Amendment X: An amendment to the South Dakota Constitution increasing the number of votes needed to approve a constitutional amendment.

Speaking in favor: Sen. Jim Bolin

Speaking in opposition: Corey Heidelburger (Candidate for District 3 Senate, Aberdeen)

12:29 – 12:57pm CT

Amendment W: An initiated amendment to the SD Constitution changing campaign finance and lobbying laws, creating a government accountability board, and changing certain initiative and referendum provisions.

Speaking in favor: Doug Kronaizl, Field Director, Represent South Dakota or Mitch Richter, Co-Chair, Represent SD

Speaking in opposition: David Owen, President, SD Chamber of Commerce & Industry