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In the Moment: School Culture That Works
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In the Moment: School Culture That Works

Join host Lori Walsh and area school & safety officials to discuss safety and positive school culture in South Dakota.

Brian Maher, Superintendent of Sioux Falls Public Schools - Wed., Feb. 28, 11am-1pm CT/10-Noon MT
We discuss students using their voices without wasting the moment, the role of parents in school safety, and more.

Tim Hazlett, Principal of Roosevelt High School, Sioux Falls & Twain Fink, Principal of Whittier Middle School, Sioux Falls -Monday, March 5, 11am-1pm CT/10-Noon MT

We talk about building positive culture in South Dakota High Schools in the context of American school shootings. We discuss unity, safety, bullying and isolation, stress reduction, student protests, and more.

Captain Jason Gearman, Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Department - Tuesday, March 6,11am-1pm CT/10-Noon MT

Captain Gearman served on the SWAT team that responded to the 2015 school shooting in Harrisburg. He is also running for Sheriff in Lincoln County and has supervised School Resource Officers in rural school districts.

Does South Dakota need more SROs? What was the scenario in Harrisburg in 2015 when a student entered the building and shot the principal? What’s the role of SROs beyond physically protecting the schools? How does a Sheriff of a smaller school district keep their students safe in school?

Captain Gearman joins us in the USF studio to discuss.

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