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14 Rules Of Golf That You're Probably Breaking
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Golf Digest

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Millions of Americans play golf, and some are no doubt better than others in terms of skill. However, everyone, regardless of skill level, has a tendency of breaking rules when they’re on a golf course. According to Golf Digest, here are 14 golf etiquette rules that you’re probably breaking when playing golf.

1. Showing up less than 15 minutes before your tee time.

2. Putting with two many balls on the practice green.

3. Failing to pick up the flagstick when you complete a hole.

4. If it’s a cart-path only course, carry more than one club to your shot.

5. Looking longer than five minutes for a lost ball.

6. Talking to someone’s ball, as some players may find it annoying.

7. Standing behind someone as they putt.

8. Walking in a player’s “through line.”

9. Placing your golf bag on a tee box.

10. Walking across the green with your bag.

11. Lack of divot pattern on the driving range.

12. If you’re terribly behind, pick up your ball and move onto the next hole.

13. Checking your phone too much.

14. Taking gimmes.