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The McLaughlin Mustangs? That's Right...
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photo of the McLaughlin school
McLaughlin School District

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McLaughlin High School has a new mascot after a school board meeting vote resulted in the change. For the past six decades they have been known as the McLaughlin Midgets, but after Monday nights vote, they'll now be known as the McLaughlin Mustangs.

The change was prompted when the group 'Little People of America' approached McLaughlin asking for a new mascot, due to the term "midget" being considered a deregatory slur (via LPA).

On Monday, those voting had three choices for a new mascot.

The three choices for the new mascot were Wolves, Mustangs and Thunder.

— Ryan Deal (@RyanDeal_AAN) March 22, 2016

And here were the results.

The Mustangs received 171 votes, Thunder received 164 votes and Wolves received 111.

— Ryan Deal (@RyanDeal_AAN) March 22, 2016

What do you think of the new McLaughlin mascot?