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Wagner Shows Love And Generosity Towards Woonsocket Families
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Families of the three teenagers killed from Woonsocket
Libby Renbarger - Wagner

Last weekend, three teenagers from the Woonsocket area were killed in a fatal car accident.

On Friday night, the families of those who perished were shown love and support from the community and students of Wagner.

The families were presented with Star Quilts, which represents honor and generosity. Additionally, the Wagner Student Council raised a total of $4,100. Both gifts were given out prior to kick-off of the game against Woonsocket/Wessington Springs/Sanborn Central on Friday.

Three key fundraisers took place at Wagner High School to raise the $4,100. During school on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, Wagner students were given the option to wear pajamas ($1), a hat ($1), or both ($2). Students of Wagner could also help duct tape their principal Neil Goter to a wall, if they donated money towards the cause. All of these fundraisers helped make up the $4,100 gift.

Woonsocket held a joint funeral service for all three teenagers, Jordan Klich, Dylan Klich, and Kristian Kesary, on Thursday at Woonsocket High School.