Wall Eagles Pay Tribute To Fallen Harding County Rancher
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Eagles jersey
Bobbi George

In early June, 17-year old Harding County student Jaxon Klempel was killed in a car accident. Klempel would have been a senior this year for the Ranchers. He played center on the basketball team, was a track and field participant, and was a defensive end and guard for the Harding County football team.

On Friday night, Harding County traveled to Wall for their first game of the 2019 high school football season to face the Eagles.

Wall high school paid tribute to the fallen Harding County Rancher by displaying a No. 76 Eagles jersey on the stadium fence line. Jaxon Klempel wore No. 76 during his career at Harding County.

Image - Jersey on Fence.jpg

Wall won the game 29-26, but afterwards, players from both squads met at the 50-yard line for a moment of prayer and reflection.

Image - Wall and Harding County.jpg

All season long, Harding County will play with a decal on their helmets that honor their fellow Rancher teammate.

Image - Harding County Helmet decal.jpg