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Super Why's Comic Book Adventures: Word Storm!

Super Why characters on a poster with a book that says “Super Why!“ In front of the poster are lots of goodies like popcorn in colored popcorn boxes, a white cake with sprinkles, and two candy jars filled with small colorful candy.

In this 3-4 min video short, the Super Why heroes need your help to sound out the words that are falling from the sky and zap them away with their Super Specs.

Super Why's new Comic Book Adventures is a series of 2D animated shorts aimed at helping to expand the literacy skills of preschool- and kindergarten-age children. Research suggests that early literacy instruction should focus on developing awareness of the segments of sounds in speech and how they link to letters through systematic instruction of phonological awareness and phonics skills. Each of the 20, 3-minute shorts focus on these foundational reading and writing skills, including letter-sound identification and decoding words, blending sounds and alliteration, spelling, punctuation, and more, all wrapped up in an action-packed, humor-filled, and kid-relatable story. You can watch the shorts on the PBS KIDS Video app or PBS KIDS YouTube channel. For the highlighted video, click the link below!