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Learn how to create a dance and studio in any space with Solange Rodrigues and Madison Elliott (Professional Dancers/ Headlights Theater).

Segment 1: Create Your Space

Learn how to transform any room into a dance studio. Next, don't forget to warm up. Now your space and body are ready to dance!

Demo 1: Dance Action Cards

Follow along to identify each of the dance action cards and learn the different ways each can be interpreted. Remember, be yourself! 

Segment 2: Use Dance Action Cards 

To choreograph your dance, create one long dance phrase by stringing together moves from the Dance Action Cards (found in “Additional Resources”).

Demo 2: Choreography

Arrange your action cards to create your dance. (Dance Action Cards can be found in “Additional Resources”).

Segment 3: Performing 

Before you are ready to perform, make sure you have your music, space, choreography, and a fun costume picked out!

Additional Resources

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Headlights Theater  and SDPB partnered together to produce this series. Create your own space to dance by following along with Solange Rodrigues and Madison Elliott as they show you, step-by-step, how to make space and choreograph your very own studio and dance! Appropriate for children ages 5-10.

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