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Learn to Count Back Change

Learn How to Count Back Change

SDPB presents a program that takes a funny look at the money business. Kids' Quest Making Change Really Counts follows the trail of Rusty Nickel, a would-be smart guy who's got some problems when it comes to money.

With the advent of cash registers that calculate everything automatically, the way to manually make change seems to be in danger of becoming a lost art. The program, for use in classrooms and by homeschoolers, teaches kids, and every age, how to count back change and develop money skills.

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Entire Program


Lesson 1 - Change Relay

Change Relay Directions (PDF)

Handouts for Lesson One: Change Relay
Lesson One - Bill I (PDF)
Lesson One - Bill II (PDF)
Lesson One - Bill III (PDF)
Lesson One - Bill IV (PDF)
Lesson One - Coin I (PDF)
Lesson One - Coin II (PDF)
Lesson One - Problem I (PDF)
Lesson One - Problem II (PDF)
Lesson One - Problem III (PDF)
Lesson One - Problem IV (PDF)
The Rusty Nickel Award Large (PDF)
The Rusty Nickel Award Small (PDF)

Lesson 2 - How Much Is That

How Much Is That? Directions (pdf)

Handouts for Lesson Two: How Much Is That?
Student Organizer (Excel)
Teacher Organizer (Excel)
Bid Slips (pdf)
Student Organizer (pdf)
Teacher Organizer (pdf)

The Rusty Nickel Award Large (pdf)
The Rusty Nickel Award Small (pdf)

Practice Makes Perfect

Counting Back Change Interactives

Challenge 1 (PowerPoint)
Challenge 2 (PowerPoint)
Challenge 3 (PowerPoint)
Challenge 4 (PowerPoint)
Challenge 5 (PowerPoint)
Challenge 6 (PowerPoint)
Challenge 7 (PowerPoint)
Challenge 8 (PowerPoint)
Challenge 9 (PowerPoint)
Challenge 10 (PowerPoint)

Practice Problems

Hefty Appetite (Teacher / Student)
Loose Change I (Teacher / Student)
Loose Change II (Teacher / Student)
Family Reunion (Teacher / Student)
Out on the Town (Teacher / Student)
Shopping Spree I (Teacher / Student)
Shopping Spree II (Teacher / Student)

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