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Science & art, history & legacy at SURF

On today's show...

Tim Schorn, Ph.D., professor of political science at the University of South Dakota, takes us to two war zones. We learn about the situations in Ukraine and Gaza.

No one is happy with the new pipeline bill, and one lawmaker says that's by design. We hear debate on Senate Bill 201 in their own words.

The Sanford Underground Research Facility puts out an international call to find an Artist in Residence (AiR) every year. For 2024, they found one in their own backyard.

We speak with artist Marty Two Bulls Jr. and Gina Gibson, coordinator of the SURF AiR program, about science, art and where those two things intersect.

Dorothy Rosby pens an ode to Leap Day and all leaplings, leapsters or leapers.

When Logan Culhane's mom interviewed for "American Idol" during the days of Myspace, a 3-year-old Culhane was visible in the background. Now, Culhane talks about her own experiences auditioning for the show as a Black Hills State University student.

Plus, we learn about music creation and experimentation. CoLABoratory is happening on March 1 in Sioux Falls. We learn more from Melissa Ngan, president and CEO of American Composers Orchestra.

Lori Walsh is the host and senior producer of In the Moment.
Ellen Koester is a producer of In the Moment, SDPB's daily news and culture broadcast.
Ari Jungemann is a producer of In the Moment, SDPB's daily news and culture broadcast.