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Episode 7

Season 13 Episode 7 | 54m 00s

Rosalind oversees the care of a teenage mom and uncovers a disturbing truth. Trixie and Matthew struggle with their change in fortune, while Joyce receives an unexpected visitor.

Aired: 03/28/24 | Expires: 10/06/24
Funding for Call the Midwife is provided by Viking.
Miss Higgins receives an unexpected visitor, and Poplar votes for its Mother of the Year.
Joyce receives an unexpected visitor and a teenage mother reveals a disturbing truth.
Miss Higgins is paid a visit from her long lost son, Victor.
After catching Sylvester with Joyce's salary envelope, Rosalind confronts Joyce.
Sister Veronica and Sister Monica Joan exchange some heated words.
Nonnatus House welcomes a mysterious visitor, who claims to be Joyce’s cousin.
With an excess supply of turnips, Fred does his best to sell them.
Fred accidentally orders too many turnips.
Shelagh gives Sister Victoria’s music arrangement for children a shot.
Nervous for her upcoming exams, Rosalind confides in Nurse Crane.
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Miss Higgins receives an unexpected visitor, and Poplar votes for its Mother of the Year.
It’s summertime, and a young mother goes into labor amid Violet's first event as mayor.
The pupil midwives prepare for their final exams; two young brothers are found abandoned.
An urgent phone call received by anxious Trixie leads to dire consequences for a patient.
The team is thrown into turmoil when a newborn is diagnosed with bilateral hip dysplasia.
Shelagh and Joyce assist a heavily pregnant woman whose new flat is infested with mold.
Nonnatus House kicks off a new pupil midwife training.
Two weeks before Christmas, delicate situations cause uncertainty for the midwifes.
The wedding day arrives, but a horrific car crash turns into a race against time.
Preparations for the big wedding are underway; Nancy visits a homeless family.