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Class II e-bikes to be allowed on Sioux Falls trails starting in June

E-bikes are replacing traditional bikes for some
Kevin Woster
E-bikes are replacing traditional bikes for some

More types of electric bikes will soon be allowed on Sioux Falls trails.

The Sioux Falls City Council passed an amendment this week allowing class II electric bikes onto city trails starting in June. 

These bikes can travel up to speeds of 20 miles per hour with throttle and pedal assistance.

Class III e-bikes, which can drive up to 28 miles per hour, remain prohibited. 

City officials said the amendment accommodates the evolving recreational biking industry and expands the types of bikes allowed on the trail system. 

“The trail is a shared amenity, catering to various recreational activities, it’s not just for bikes,” said Assistant Director of Parks and Recreation Brett Kollars.

Kollars said trail users still must adhere to the 15 mile per hour speed limit and use caution on the trails. He also encouraged users to follow safety guidelines.