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"It's Great to Be Kind" Song

Posted by Samantha Dlugosh on

Daniel is wondering what it's like to be King. King Friday tells him he can be King for the day and shows him the royal list of tasks. But what's most important is for a king to be kind. They sing a song about some of the many ways we can choose to be kind to one another - sharing toys, helping when someone's not feeling well, giving hugs, and helping clean up.

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DIY Animal-Themed Valentine's Day Crafts

Posted by Samantha Dlugosh on

We think you’ll love these animal-themed Valentine’s Day crafts “beary” much! Make these easy and inexpensive projects at home and hand them out to friends and family.

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DIY Snow Paint

Posted by Samantha Dlugosh on

Create a fun craft and sensory activity for kids with this two-ingredient snow paint!

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