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See Bryan Akipa's Performance at the Lighting Ceremony for "Dignity of Earth and Sky"

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Dignity of Earth and Sky

Master Dakota flutist Bryan Akipa performed at the lighting ceremony for "Dignity of Earth and Sky." Akipa has helped to keep Dakota/Lakota flute music alive by carving traditional flutes out of wood, eagle bone and pipestone. He has performed around the world. You can read more about Akipa here.

Here's a song from his performance, with some looks at "Dignity."

Want more music? Here's a longer version.

"Dignity" was dedicated on a hill overlooking the Missouri River in Chamberlain on Saturday, September 17.

“My intent,” said sculptor Dale Lamphere, “is to have this sculpture stand as an enduring symbol of our shared belief that we are in a sacred place, and that we are all sacred. I’m humbled and so grateful to have this chance to contribute to the future landscape of South Dakota and the Great Plains.”