Spearfish Canyon - 1938
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1938 Spearfish Canyon

Tourism is big business in South Dakota and it has been for a long time.

A promotional film produced by the Chicago Northwestern Railroad shows people enjoying various recreational activities in the Black Hills in 1938. The film would have likely been shown in movie theaters before the featured film.

Below: A few still images from the film

Image \u002D 1938filmstills01.jpg
Image \u002D 1938filstills02mov.jpg
Image \u002D 1939filmstills03.jpg
Image \u002D 1938filmstills04.jpg
Image \u002D 1938filmstills\u002D05.png
Image \u002D 1938filmstills06.jpg
Image \u002D 1938FilmStills07.jpg

A school-ready video clip and teacher's guide are available in SDPB's Digital Learning Library.

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