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Joseph E. Habeger, 2007, (Interviewed by Randall Barrett)

  • Military Service: National Guard, 1937 - 1940
  • Army Air Corp, 1940 - 1962
  • Highest Rank: Full Colonel

Listen to the following sections by scrolling forward to the timecode.

:50 - Joined National Guard in 1937 to start carrier
3:08 - Was the youngest sergeant in the military 
4:16 - Pilot active combat; Blue Start Program 
8:26 - How to get through battle situations; cause of the war
10:03 - The enemies 
12:20 - Duty to serve 

Joseph Habeger Obituary 

This story was recorded at an SDPB event in Madison, SD. 

Images Provided by Joseph E. Habeger

Joseph E. Habeger, Flight Cadet

Joseph E. Habeger met Dee Johnson in Madison, South Dakota, 1939. They were married in August of 1943.

Easter Sunday, 1945

Briefing before a combat mission during WWII.

WWII aerial assault mission. Joseph E. Habeger was the lead pilot on this bomb sequence.

Aerial photo of a bridge bombed by Joseph E. Habeger during WWII.

Joseph E. Habeger, second from right, is pictured with his classmates and flight instructor.

Joseph E. Habeger's Navigation Progress Sheet of his first cross-country flight.

WWII tobacco and mileage rations.

WWII articles provided by Joseph E. Habeger

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