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SDPB Homefront Stories
Vi Groethe

Vi Groethe, 2007

A civilian on the home front during WWII. 

Listen to the following sections by scrolling forward to the timecode.

0:00 - Pearl Harbor memory; mother, worked as a driver at Buckly Field; held dances for servicemen
4:02 - Worked at PX at Buckly Field 
5:35 - Moved to Washington, D.C.; radio operator for American Airlines
10:08 - Daily life; rations
11:46 - Met husband; brothers in service; disturbing time - a lot of death
17:52 - Opportunity to go to Washington because of the war
19:30 - Everyone concerned about the war; brought the country together; boys returned and took back jobs  

Viola Groethe Obituary 

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