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Native American Studies
We Shall Remain - SDPB Native American Studies

South Dakota Public Broadcasting has collected the stories of our Native people by interviewing tribal leaders and elders.

The Oyate Oral History Project seeks to collect the oral history of the nine tribes of South Dakota and make their stories available online for all to hear.

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Video Clips:
Native American Children: Taken from Their Families (Click)

The US Government's Education of Native American Children (Click)

The Relocation of Native Americans (Click)

What Was the Occupation of Wounded Knee? (Click)

What was the American Indian Movement? (Click)

Click here for We Shall Remain Event photo gallery held in Rapid City May 2, 2009.

Story Spotlight
Anne J. Whipple is from the Crow Creek Sioux Tribe. She speaks of growing up on the prairie, including horse-drawn sleigh rides, life at boarding school, and losing her parents while a child. Listen Here

Anne J. Whipple was interviewed by her granddaughter Sarah Weston at the Black Hills Pow-Wow October 12, 2008.
photo by Julia Monczunski

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