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Auschwitz: Inside the Nazi State ( Icon Teacher's Guide (889.8 KB) )The purpose of this guide is to assist South Dakota high school teachers in using Auschwitz: Inside the Nazi State to help students explore issues of diversity, intolerance, and genocide as they relate to the Native American experience.

The Badlands: Nature's Time Capsule (Traditional use of Tatanka (buffalo))The Badlands of South Dakota are a masterpiece created by the elements: sculpted from the earth by water and wind. npsscenery1.jpgBadlands

Before There Were Parks: Yellowstone And Glacier Through Native Eyes This program explores modern indigenous perspectives on these great wilderness areas and explores both the cultural divide that separates modern times from the past  and recent efforts by the National Park Service and native peoples to bring these disparate visions into greater harmony.

Bridging the Gap: Native American Education Due to cultural differences and socio-economic conditions, the challenges facing Native American students are many. This video/teaching tool offers insight into the problems and possible solutions for educators of Native American young people. (Facilitator's Guide/ View Online)

circle.jpgcircleCircle of Stories Independent Lens: Circle of Stories uses documentary film, photography, artwork and music to honor and explore Native American storytelling. (Click "Launch Stories" to view interactive) Teachers Guide

Dakota Pathways: A History Explore South Dakota History in a whole new way! (Download Episodes)

The Forgotten War: The Struggle for North AmericaFORGOTTEN WAR: Struggle for North America tells the little-known story of how the Native People of North America controlled the outcome of this war that defined our history as a nation and a people. (French and Indian War)

The Lakota Berenstain Bears Watch online, activities and more. 

Lakota Land Stories of the Pine Ridge Reservation, Oglala Lakota College

Lakota Music Project Since 2004, SDPB has been following the collaborative effort between the SD Symphony and the Porcupine Singers. The Lakota Music Project, shows clips from the collaborative effort between the mLoneDog.jpgLone Dogusicians and the performance of their music at the Multi-Cultural center in Sioux Falls. (More)

Lakota Winter Counts: An Online Exhibit - Smithsonian (Related Lessons) This online exhibit features a searchable database of Smithsonian winter count images, a Teachers' Guide and more.

Lost Bird of Wounded Knee Late in the 19th century, a Lakota child survived a massacre and was adopted by a prominent white couple, only to endure racism, abuse and poverty. Her story is told in Lost Bird Of Wounded Knee based on the acclaimed book by Renee Sansom Flood. (Download Video)

Oceti Sakowin: The People of the Seven Council Fires SDPB Television and Learning Services presents The People of the Seven Council Fires. Their story in their words. Plus a teaching tool  for Native American students. (Download Video)

buffalo2.jpgBuffalo Playing For The World: 1904 Fort Shaw Indian Girls' Basketball Team In 1902, a unique combination of Native women came together at a boarding school in Montana. They used the new sheartbeat.jpgHeart Beatport of basketball to help them adjust to a rapidly changing world. Ultimately, these women played for something much larger than themselves.

Where Words Touch the Earth Students from American Indian Tribal Colleges interview Elders, other students, and community members to provide a Native American perspective on climate change and its effects on their communities.

The Heartbeat and Rhythms of Our Relatives(Download RealPlayer)This great SDPB Radio original production honors Native American culture and heritage through music. Click to hear great Native American music

dance.jpgSpirit of the DanceOceti Sakowin Essential Understandings and Standards on the DLL

The Spirit of the Dance: Wacipi Native American culture, history and dance come alive in this original SDPB TV production.

The Tribes of Dakota SDPB Radio: This documentary examines subjects like treaty rights, cultural survival, poverty, respect for the elders, the role of women, urban life, casinos, and the future. (Tribes of Dakota II/ (Tribes of Dakota III: The Story of Zitkala-SaDownload RealPlayer)

Traditional use of Tatanka (buffalo) This PowerPoint series includes a brief history of buffalo in South Dakota. Also, there are photos of buffalo parts, like a buffalo hide and tail. Your students are encouraged to guess the traditional use of the buffalo part and its location on the buffalo. *** NOTE: The presentations download very slowly if you choose "Open". Please select "Save", and save them to your desktop for a quick download. ***

We Shall Remain and The Oyate Oral History Project The Oyate Oral History Project seeks to collect the oral history of the nine tribes of South Dakota and make their stories avail tribedak.jpgTribes of Dakota able online for all to hear.

Winter Count  A winter count is a pictographic record of historical/memorable events for a tiospaye (community). The winter count, used by many Plains Indians, was a method of preserving history. Important events were recorded for future generations.

Celebrating Native American Culture

Welcome to SDPB’s Native American Studies section. Both SDPB and PBS are commitment to fostering lifelong learning by providing on-air educational programs and educational resources. We provide a rich array of educational content from Oceti Sakowin: The People of the Seven Council Fires to documentaries like Lost Bird of Wounded Knee. On this site you will find engaging educational resources. Start your journey by visiting our Digital Learning Library or SDPB's PBS LearningMedia. Thank you for visiting SDPB and have a great day!

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