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Savor Dakota: Wojapi Recipe

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Fry Bread and Wojapi
SDPB 2016

Chokecherry Wojapi by Mavis Two Bulls and Rachel Nava

As seen on Savor Dakota Episode 104: Winter



8 Chokecherry Patties

OR you may use 6 cups of frozen berries

6 Cups of Water

3 Tbsp Cornstarch dissolved in a cup of liquid

1 Cup of Sugar



• Soak the dried choke cherry patties for a couple of hours and then place in pan and break them up.

• Once the liquid is hot, add sugar and let it melt.  You can add less or more sugar to taste.

• Add thickening agent (cornstarch) gradually, as needed. 

• Boil and stir until it thickens up.

• Add more thickener if needed.

• Continue to stir.  You may thicken to taste.  Some prefer thick, others prefer a more soup like consistency.