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James Keck

James Keck, 2007 

  • Branch of Service: United States Army 10th Mountain Division

0:00 - Intro; Camp Hale (10,000 feet); training - skiing, mountain climbing; 10-40 degrees below zero
3:00 - Sent overseas; sent to Naples, people were poor and needed food; went to Pisa through minefields
5:34 - Mountain combat experience; on patrol; Riva Ridge and Mount Belvedere; company commander killed 
9:36 - Encounter with a German soldier; took him as a prisoner  
11:08 - Carried dead off the mountain 
12:04 - Squad leader accidentally shot himself in the hand, had to testify it was an accident 
13:04 - Took dog tags off dead Germans 
14:48 - Seriously wounded
17:33 - Atomic bomb dropped 
18:00 - Life after the war; visited the area where he had been wounded with family; found graves; many soldiers were killed - thankful he had another chance

James Vincent Keck Obituary  
Independent Submission

WWII Veteran Jim Keck, 2007 

Image Provided by James Keck

WWII Veteran Jim Keck, 2007 - Dakota Digest 

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