The Winkte and the Hundred in Hand

Last Updated by Michael Zimny on

One hundred fifty years ago, long before “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” and its subsequent repeal, a person thought of as “half man, half woman” played a crucial role in a decisive Native American victory in the war for the Northern Plains.

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"The River So Shallow we Struck the Sand Bars"

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72 Miles of the Big Muddy at the South Dakota Kayak Challenge.

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The Sign Painter and the Ice Water Store

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Small towns don't have hand-painted sign studios any more. Except Philip, SD, where Barr's Sign Studio cranks out some of the most iconic signs in the country for that most coveted of clients — Wall Drug.

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Talking Seed Bag Design with Dr. Clay Yeoman of Spink County Mercantile

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Dr. Clay Yeoman, DDS, gained an appreciation for vintage seed bags while working at a Dell Rapids seed company in the 70's. Today, he has an impressive collection.

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The Horse Years: Wayne Porter Wraps Up Another Winter's Work on His Horse on the Hill

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Wayne Porter, of Porter Sculpture Park, has spent nine St. Lawrence, South Dakota winters building a 40 foot horse, one steel railroad tie plate at a time.

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Post Pilgrim Gallery to Kick Off "Final Fridays" Series

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Jennifer White aims to foster a fun, interactive experience at her new Native American art gallery in Sioux Falls.

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"The Music Man" Takes the Stage at Schmeckfest

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The Freeman production of the classic musical tells "a community story in the context of a community experience,” says director Tim Galtner.

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Black Hills Chainsaw Masterpiece: Dahl's Chainsaw Art Carves Out a Piece of South Dakota

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As Dahl's Chainsaw Art opens for its ninth Black Hills summer, brothers Jarrett & Jordan plan to make a year-round go of it.

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The Ascent: Pete Cleveland's Climb of Superpin Still Baffles and Astounds Nearly 50 Years Later

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Though Cleveland didn't seek rock star status, his never-repeated summit of the revered Needles' pinnacle is still cult-legendary.

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2016 State Show Choir Award Photos

Last Updated by Nate Wek on

Here are the award photos (champion, 2nd place, and third place) for both Class AA and Class A of the 2016 State Show Choir Competition.

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1st Annual SDHSAA State Show Choir Competition

Last Updated by Nate Wek on

Eight of South Dakota’s finest high school Show Choirs will gather in Sioux Falls for the 1st Annual State High School Show Choir Competition. The 2016 State Show Choir Competition will be held April 9th in the Lorang Theater at O’Gorman High School in Sioux Falls.

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Eliza Blue: One of SDPB's Favorite Local Tiny Desk Contestants

Last Updated by Katy Beem on

Eliza Blue: Banjo Folk from Bison, SD

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From Guadalajara to Ciudad del Agua

Last Updated by Michael Zimny on

At Carlos and Esther Vega's Mexican mini-chain in Watertown, Brookings and Sioux Falls, the flavors may be Guadalajaran, but the ambience is all Tonalá.

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Dahl Arts Center to Hold 12th Annual Mountain Photo Competition + Exhibit

Last Updated by SDPB on

The exhibit is open through May 7.

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Saint Urho's Day: A Very Finnish To-Do About Nothing

Last Updated by Michael Zimny on

Lake Norden celebrates the Saint who chased the grasshoppers out of Finland.

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