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Educational Resources - Water and Dust

Laura Ingalls Wilder Books

Episode Guide

Things To Do

1. Watch Water and Dust.

2. Complete Episode Quiz individually or as a group. (Note: The quiz has additional information and related video.)

3. Student Glossary (PDF)

- Print Crossword Puzzle, (answers), and distribute to the class.

 4. Discussion Cards (PDF)

 5. Class Activity - Inquiry: Heat Transfer Activity

Episode Script

Related Video

Building Orman Dam - 1907

Playlist title
1 / 5 Videos
Building Orman Dam - 1907
Images of the Past
Building Orman Dam - 1907
Surviving the Dust Bowl: Chapter 1
American Experience
Surviving the Dust Bowl: Chapter 1
Missouri River Dams - History and Safety
Missouri River Dams - History and Safety
Boots on the Ground: The Moving Meridian
Boots on the Ground: The Moving Meridian
The persisting drought in South Dakota
The persisting drought in South Dakota

In The Moment Interview 

Are The Great Plains Headed Toward Another Dust Bowl? (August 2021)


On this page you will find educational resources for the Dakota Pathways episode called Water and Dust. There is an episode guide, additional videos, activities, and more.

Related Resources

A Meandering Past

One of the first floods to be recorded at the confluence of the James River and the Missouri River occurred in 1881.

The 1972 Rapid City Flood

On June 9, 1972, an exceptionally heavy rain fell on areas of the Black Hills that were already saturated by higher-than-normal seasonal precipitation, leading to a flood.

Great Depression Photo Still Sparks Debate: Edited Photos -- View Warning Below -- 

Learn about Farm Security Administration photographer Arthur Rothstein’s famous 1936 bleached steer skull and other staged or edited images. Also view THE PLOW THAT BROKE THE PLAINS 

NOTE: The Bronx Documentary Center, Altered Images: 150 Years of Posed and Manipulated Documentary Photography exhibit found in the Support Materials Section contains sensitive content. View each example for inappropriate content – some contain GRAPHIC IMAGES and NUDITY.  

Revisit the flood, 50 years later

June 9th, 2022, marks the 50th anniversary of the Black Hills Flood of 1972, in which 238 lives were lost. The anniversary brings a flood of memories for survivors.

Change at the Climate Divide

Historically, the 100th meridian marked the shift from the wet east to the drier west. Now that's changing in five states the meridian runs through.

South Dakota Standards

Related Resources

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