South Dakota Public Broadcasting Television Cable Channels

TownSDPB 1SDPB 2SDPB 3Company
Aberdeen3 / 6016667James Valley Cooperative
Aberdeen8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Adrian, MN99 / 503XXVast Broadband
Agar10 / 410152151Venture Coop
Akron, IA2/ 200XXPremier Communications
Alcester8 / 503XXVast Broadband
Alexandria2XXTrio Tel
Alpena8146148Santel Communications Coop
Andover3 / 6016667James Valley Cooperative
Anthon, IA15 / 106XXLong Lines
Armour8/706707708Fort Randall Telephone
Armour7 / 608109110Golden West Communications
Artesian8146148Santel Communications Coop
Ashton2/ 200XXPremier Communications
Astoria8 / 4087475ITC
Atkinson, NE8/706707708Fort Randall Telephone
Aurora8 / 4087475ITC
Avon7 / 608109110Golden West Communications
Baltic8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Bath8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Belle Fourche5 / 501146147Vast Broadband
Belle Fourche8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Beresford7 / Cablevision
Big Stone City8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Bison13XXWest River CATV
Black Hawk5 / 501146147Vast Broadband
Black Hawk8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Blunt10 / 410152151Venture Coop
Bonesteel8 / 608109110Golden West Communications
Boulder Canyon8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Bowdle8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Box Elder8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Boyden, IA2/ 200XXPremier Communications
Bradley8 / 4087475ITC
Brandon7 / 307179178Alliance Communications
Brandt8 / 4087475ITC
Bridgewater2109110Golden West Communications
Bristol8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Britton10 / 410152151Venture Coop
Brookings7 / 808XXMediacom
Brookings8 / 7082827Swiftel
Bryant8 / 4087475ITC
Buffalo13XXWest River CATV
Buffalo Gap9 / 609109110Golden West Communications
Burke8 / 608109110Golden West Communications
Campbell, MN192021RC Technologies
Canistota2109110Golden West Communications
Canova2XXTrio Tel
Canton8 / 503XXVast Broadband
Canton8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Carthage7 / 307179178Alliance Communications
Castlewood8 / 4087475ITC
Centerville8 / 503XXVast Broadband
Central City8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Chamberlain12/108110111Midstate Communication
Chancellor8 / 503XXVast Broadband
Chester8 / 4087475ITC
Claremont3 / 6016667James Valley Cooperative
Clark8 / 4087475ITC
Clear Lake8 / 4087475ITC
Colman8 / 503XXVast Broadband
Colome8 / 608109110Golden West Communications
Colton8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Columbia3 / 6016667James Valley Cooperative
Conde3 / 6016667James Valley Cooperative
Corona192021RC Technologies
Correctionville, IA15 / 106XXLong Lines
Corsica7 / 608109110Golden West Communications
Country Village5 / 602XXMidcontinent Communications
Cresbard8 / 410XXVenture Coop
Crooks7 / 307179178Alliance Communications
Crooks8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Custer9 / 609109110Golden West Communications
Dakota Dunes15 / 106XXLong Lines
Danbury, IA15 / 106XXLong Lines
Deadwood5 / 501146147Vast Broadband
Deadwood8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Dell Rapids7 / 608109110Golden West Communications
Delmont12/108110111Midstate Communication
Doland8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Doon, IA2/ 200XXPremier Communications
Dupree13XXCheyenne River Cable
Eagle Butte13XXCheyenne River Cable
Edgemont9 / 609109110Golden West Communications
Edgerton, MN8 / 503XXVast Broadband
Elk Point8 / 503XXVast Broadband
Elkton8 / 4087475ITC
Ellsworth AFB8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Ellsworth, MN8 / 503XXVast Broadband
Emery2XXTrio Tel
Estelline8 / 4087475ITC
Ethan8146148Santel Communications Coop
Eureka7104105Golden West - Valley Telecom Coop Assn
Evergreen8 / 608109110Golden West Communications
Fairfax8 / 608109110Golden West Communications
Faith11XXWest River CATV
Faulkton8 / 410XXVenture Coop
Ferney3 / 6016667James Valley Cooperative
Flandreau8 / 503XXVast Broadband
Florence8 / 4087475ITC
Frederick8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Freeman2109110Golden West Communications
Freeman7 / 808XXMediacom
Ft. Pierre8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Garretson7 / 307179178Alliance Communications
Gary8 / 4087475ITC
Gayville8 / 503XXVast Broadband
Gayville8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Geddes12/108110111Midstate Communication
George, IA2/ 200XXPremier Communications
Gettysburg10 / 410152151Venture Coop
Glenham7104105Golden West - Valley Telecom Coop Assn
Goodwin8 / 4087475ITC
Grant County 8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Granville, IA2/ 200XXPremier Communications
Gregory8 / 608109110Golden West Communications
Groton3 / 6016667James Valley Cooperative
Harrisburg8 / 503XXVast Broadband
Harrisburg8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Harrold10 / 410152151Venture Coop
Hart Ranch8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Hartford7 / 608109110Golden West Communications
Hayti8 / 4087475ITC
Hazel192021RC Technologies
Hecla3 / 6016667James Valley Cooperative
Hendricks, MN8 / 4087475ITC
Henry8 / 4087475ITC
Herreid7104105Golden West - Valley Telecom Coop Assn
Herreid7104105Valley Video
Highmore10 / 410152151Venture Coop
Hill City9 / 609109110Golden West Communications
Hills, MN7 / 307179178Alliance Communications
Hinton, IA2/ 200XXPremier Communications
Hitchcock10 / 410152151Venture Coop
Holland, MN32XXK-Communications (Woodstock Telephone)
Holstein, IA15 / 106XXLong Lines
Hosmer7104105Golden West - Valley Telecom Coop Assn
Hospers2/ 200XXPremier Communications
Hot Springs9 / 609109110Golden West Communications
Houghton3 / 6016667James Valley Cooperative
Hoven10 / 410152151Venture Coop
Howard7 / 307179178Alliance Communications
Hudson7 / 307179178Alliance Communications
Hull, IA2/ 200XXPremier Communications
Humboldt8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Hurley8 / 503XXVast Broadband
Huron8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Ida Grove, IA15 / 106XXLong Lines
Inwood, IA7 / 307179178Alliance Communications
Ipswich8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Irene8 / 503XXVast Broadband
Ireton, IA2/ 200XXPremier Communications
Iroquois8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Jasper, MN8 / 503XXVast Broadband
Java8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Jefferson15 / 106XXLong Lines
Kadoka9 / 609109110Golden West Communications
Kennebec86264Kennebec Telephone Co.
Kimball12/108110111Midstate Communication
Kyle8 / 608109110Golden West Communications
Labolt8 / 4087475ITC - SSTelecom
Lake Andes8/706707708Fort Randall Telephone
Lake Benton, MN8 / 4087475ITC
Lake Norden8 / 4087475ITC
Lake Wilson, MN8 / 503XXVast Broadband
Langford10 / 410152151Venture Coop
Larchwood, IA7 / 307179178Alliance Communications
Lead5 / 501146147Vast Broadband
Lead8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Lemmon13XXWest River CATV
Lennox8 / 503XXVast Broadband
Leola7104105Golden West - Valley Telecom Coop Assn
Letcher8146148Santel Communications Coop
Logan, IA15 / 106XXLong Lines
Lower Brule8 / 608109110Golden West Communications
Luverne, MN8 / 503XXVast Broadband
Lyons7 / 307179178Alliance Communications
Madison8 / 503XXVast Broadband
Madison8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Magnolia, IA15 / 106XXLong Lines
Manderson8 / 608109110Golden West Communications
Mapleton, IA15 / 106XXLong Lines
Marion2109110Golden West Communications
Martin8 / 608109110Golden West Communications
Maurice, IA2/ 200XXPremier Communications
McIntosh13XXWest River CATV
McLaughlin11XXWest River CATV
Meade County8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Meckling8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Mellette3 / 6016667James Valley Cooperative
Menno2109110Golden West Communications
Merrill, IA2/ 200XXPremier Communications
Midland9 / 609109110Golden West Communications
Milbank8 / 4087475ITC - SSTelecom
Milbank8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Miller8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Minda8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Mission8 / 608109110Golden West Communications
Missouri Valley, IA15 / 106XXLong Lines
Mitchell8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Mitchell13185186Santel - Mitchell Telecom
Mobridge8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Montrose7 / 608109110Golden West Communications
Mound City7104105Golden West - Valley Telecom Coop Assn
Mt. Vernon8146148Santel Communications Coop
Murdo8 / 608109110Golden West Communications
N. Sioux City8 / 503XXVast Broadband
New Effington192021RC Technologies
New Underwood9 / 609109110Golden West Communications
Newell13XXWest River CATV
Nunda8 / 4087475ITC
Oacoma12/108110111Midstate Communication
Ocheyedan2/ 200XXPremier Communications
Oelrichs9 / 609109110Golden West Communications
Oldham7 / 307179178Alliance Communications
Onaka10 / 410152151Venture Coop
Onawa, IA15 / 106XXLong Lines
Onida10 / 410152151Venture Coop
Orange City, IA15 / 106XXLong Lines
Parker8 / 503XXVast Broadband
Parkson8146148Santel Communications Coop
Parkston2109110Golden West Communications
Pennington County8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Philip9 / 609109110Golden West Communications
Pickstown8/706707708Fort Randall Telephone
Piedmont5 / 501146147Vast Broadband
Piedmont8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Pierpont10 / 410152151Venture Coop
Pierre8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Pine Ridge8 / 608109110Golden West Communications
Pipestone, MN8 / 503XXVast Broadband
Plankinton7 / 608109110Golden West Communications
Platte12/108110111Midstate Communication
Pollock7104105Golden West - Valley Telecom Coop Assn
Prairiewood8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Presho86264Kennebec Telephone Co.
Pukwana12/108110111Midstate Communication
Ramona7 / 307179178Alliance Communications
Rapid City5 / 501146147Vast Broadband
Rapid City8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Raymond8 / 4087475ITC
Redfield3 / 6016667James Valley Cooperative
Redfield8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Ree Heights10 / 410152151Venture Coop
Reliance8 / 608109110Golden West Communications
Renner8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Renner (rural)7 / 307179178Alliance Communications
Revillo8 / 4087475ITC - SSTelecom
Rimrock8XXMidcontinent Communications
Rock Rapids, IA2/ 200XXPremier Communications
Rock Valley, IA2/ 200XXPremier Communications
Roscoe8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Rosebud8 / 608109110Golden West Communications
Rosholt10 / 410152191Venture Coop
Roslyn8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Ruthton, MN32XXK-Communications (Woodstock Telephone)
Scotland2109110Golden West Communications
Selby8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Seneca10 / 410152151Venture Coop
Sergeant Bluff, IA15 / 106XXLong Lines
Sheldon, IA2/ 200XXPremier Communications
Sherman7 / 307179178Alliance Communications
Shindler8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Sibley, IA2/ 200XXPremier Communications
Sinai8 / 4087475ITC
Sioux Center, IA2/ 200XXPremier Communications
Sioux Falls8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Sisseton192021RC Technologies
Sisseton10 / 410152191Venture Coop
So. Sioux City, NE15 / 106XXLong Lines
Sommerset5 / 501146147Vast Broadband
South Shore8 / 4087475ITC - SSTelecom
Spearfish5 / 501146147Vast Broadband
Spearfish8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Spencer2XXTrio Tel
Springfield7 / 608109110Golden West Communications
St. Francis8 / 608109110Golden West Communications
St. Lawrence8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
St. Onge5 / 501146147Vast Broadband
Stickney12/108110111Midstate Communication
Stockholm8 / 4087475ITC - SSTelecom
Stratford3 / 6016667James Valley Cooperative
Sturgis5 / 501 146147Vast Broadband
Sturgis8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Summerset8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Summit192021RC Technologies
Tabor8/706707708Fort Randall Telephone
Tea8 / 503XXVast Broadband
Tea8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Timber Lake13XXWest River CATV
Tolstoy10 / 410152151Venture Coop
Toronto8 / 4087475ITC
Trent7 / 608109110Golden West Communications
Tripp8/706707708Fort Randall Telephone
Tripp8146148Santel Communications Coop
Tulare10 / 410152151Venture Coop
Turton3 / 6016667James Valley Cooperative
Tyndall8/706707708Fort Randall Telephone
Valley Springs7 / 307179178Alliance Communications
Veblen192021RC Technologies
Vermillion8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Viborg8 / 503XXVast Broadband
Wagner8/706707708Fort Randall Telephone
Wakonda8 / 503XXVast Broadband
Wall9 / 609109110Golden West Communications
Wanblee8 / 608109110Golden West Communications
Warner8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Watertown8 / 503XXVast Broadband
Watertown8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Waubay8 / 4087475ITC
Waubay8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Webster8 / 4087475ITC
Webster8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Wentworth8 / 4087475ITC
Wessington 10 / 410152151Venture Coop
Wessington Springs10 / 410152151Venture Coop
White8 / 4087475ITC
White Lake12/108110111Midstate Communication
White River8 / 608109110Golden West Communications
Whitewood5 / 501146147Vast Broadband
Whitewood8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Whiting, IA15 / 106XXLong Lines
Willow Lake8 / 4087475ITC
Wilmont192021RC Technologies
Winner8 / 608109110Golden West Communications
Wolsey8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
Woodbine, IA15 / 106XXLong Lines
Woodstock, MN32XXK-Communications (Woodstock Telephone)
Woolsey8146148Santel Communications Coop
Woonsocket8146148Santel Communications Coop
Worthing8 / 503XXVast Broadband
Worthington, MN8 / 503XXVast Broadband
Yankton8 / 503XXVast Broadband
Yankton8 / 604597598Midcontinent Communications
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