Fort Sisseton Historic State Park

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A restored frontier outpost established during the Civil War is the centerpiece of a South Dakota State Park.

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Bringing Along Their Hero: Nansen Store

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October 10 is famed Norwegian explorer and humanitarian Fridtjof Nansen's birthday. Early Norwegian settlers to Miner County brought their hero's name to South Dakota as well.

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The Life of Libby Custer

Last Updated by Brian Gevik, Researched and written by Gary Enright - Director - 1881 Courthouse Museum - Custer on

After his death at the Little Big Horn, George Armstrong Custer's wife spent 57 years writing and speaking throughout the country, clearing away any criticism people and historians had regarding her husband.

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Sioux Falls and the Birth of the Modern Hot Air Balloon

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A group of engineer-aviators at Raven Industries designed and flew the first modern hot-air balloon.

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The 1876 Johnny Spaulding Cabin - Belle Fourche

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The story behind this frontier home's origin is one of adventure, deceit, and romance.

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Heritage of Arms

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A look at guns in the history and culture of South Dakota

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A World War II Vet's Chance Encounter With Frank Sinatra - 1944

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Rapid City resident Bill Lofgren was in basic training in Los Angeles in 1944. While hitchhiking on Sunset Boulevard, he and several buddies got an unexpected ride from Frank Sinatra and a memorable night on the town.

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The Black Hills Passion Play - 1939-2008

Last Updated by Brian Gevik, Photos and Film - The Fassbender Collection - Historic Black Hills Studios, Video Courtesy: Wayne Pananen - Historical Footprints - Lead SD on

An outdoor stage play based on the death and resurrection of Jesus ran in Spearfish from 1939 until 2008.

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South Dakota's "Superwolves"

Posted by Brian Gevik, Text by Gary Enright - Director - 1881 Courthouse Museum - Custer on

Some of the last wolves to roam freely in South Dakota were notorious for their aggressiveness and cunning.

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South Dakota in World War One - An Airman's Story

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After the war, bomber pilot Fred Christopherson worked for 33 years as the managing editor of the Sioux Falls Argus Leader.

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South Dakota in World War One - A Soldier's Story

Last Updated by Brian Gevik, Images and text courtesy Mary McCune - grand daughter of Vincent Knewel on

In 1917, Vincent Laughlin Knewell left his carpentry job in Sioux Falls to fight in France. He endured five months of combat before returning home.

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The Cane of John Blair Smith Todd

Posted by Brian Gevik, Photos Courtesy Dakota Territorial Museum unless otherwise noted., Text provided by Dakota Territorial Museum - Yankton on

This cane was owned by one of the most influential men in early Dakota Territory and witnessed the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln.

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South Dakota in World War One - The Old Courthouse Museum Exhibit

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An exhibit at the Old Courthouse Museum in Sioux Falls offers insight into the local view of the Great War.

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W. H. Illingworth - 1874 Custer Expedition Photographer

Last Updated by Brian Gevik, Text by Gary Enright - Director - 1881 Courthouse Museum - Custer on

Photographer William H. Illingworth documented Custer's historic 1874 foray into the Black Hills.

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Launching the Battleship South Dakota, 1941

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A recently-restored audio recording captures the essence of the historic event.

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"Personalities with Chuck Anderson"

Vintage radio interviews with well known and not so well known South Dakotans.

Personalities: Joe Foss

Radio host Chuck Anderson traveled to Joe Foss's Scottsdale, Arizona home in 1996 for an interview with one of the...

Personalities: Amy Burnett

Amy Burnett is one of the best South Dakota basketball players ever. Burnett grew up in Huron and led Huron High to...

Personalities: George Hall, Creator and Collector of South Dakota History

While many bookworms spend their time cocooned in public libraries and bookstores searching for the next great story,...

Personalities: The South Dakota State Fair

The South Dakota State Fair is different every year and yet it never really changes. It's a capstone experience for...

Personalities: From Huron High to Broadway

Singer, actor, and teacher Joseph Mahowald graduated from Huron High School in 1977. He went on to study music and...

Personalities: Gloria Mackoy, a Gospel Country Heart

Gloria Mackoy, a country gospel singer and songwriter and former De Smet resident, visited Chuck Anderson in-studio...

Personalities: Hazel Mahone, The Granddaughter of Slaves

For over 100 years, Hazel Mahone carried her grandparents' memories of surviving pre-civil war slavery. These...

Personalities: A Wagon Ride Through the Laura Ingalls Wilder Pageant

For over 49 years, De Smet, South Dakota has been the home of the Laura Ingalls Wilder Pageant, attracting tourists...