SDPB's goal with "Active Duty" is to inform the citizens of South Dakota about the missions our friends and neighbors, sons and daughters, husbands and wives are undertaking. We hope you'll establish a personal connection with the servicemen and women serving in the military, and have a greater appreciation for the work that they do.

Active Duty Jones Spec. Bruce A. Jones of Sioux Falls, served in Afghanistan with the 211th Engineer Company (Sapper), South Dakota National Guard, Madison & DeSmet.

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Active Duty 147 Some members of the South Dakota National Guard's 1st Battalion, 147th Field Artillery and 147th Forward Support Company, deployed to Kuwait.

Active Duty Archive
12/13/2010 - A conversation with members of the 211th. 
09/29/2010 - Active Duty - SD National Guard officer reintegrated into home life 
09/20/2010 - The 211th Returns Home 
09/17/2010 - 211th back on U.S. soil 
07/28/2010 - 211th Sappers hunting IED's 
06/28/2010 - 211th Sappers help train Afghan National Army personnel, plus mission highlights. 
06/21/2010 - War Dads 
06/10/2010 - 211th Sappers enjoy cookout. 
05/23/2010 - 211th Sappers on a mission, 2. 
05/02/2010 - 211th Sappers on mission. 
04/23/2010 - Army National Guard Deployment - Brett Anderson comes home 
04/08/2010 - 211th Sappers get a day off. 
03/12/2010 - 211th Sappers clear the way. 
02/27/2010 - 211th Sappers "Tour of Hooches" kickoff. 
02/24/2010 - SD Guard Deployment - Home on Leave 
02/05/2010 - 211th Sappers begin taking R&R. 
02/05/2010 - Specialist Bruce Jones with his family on two weeks of R and R. 
02/04/2010 - SD Guard - Surviving the holidays on the homefront 
12/31/2009 - 211th (Sapper) Christmas Tree 
12/23/2009 - 211th Sappers - together again. 
12/06/2009 - 211th Sappers - 3rd Platoon visits the zeroing range. 
12/05/2009 - 211th Sappers take to the high ground. 
11/26/2009 - 211th Soldiers promoted - KJAM candy arrives! 
11/16/2009 - 211th Sappers take time to refit 
11/12/2009 - 211th Sappers utilize demo, plus a message from the Commander. 
11/12/2009 - Dakota Digest on Specialist Bruce Jones 
11/07/2009 - 211th Sappers spend a day at the range. 
11/04/2009 - 211th En Co (Sapper) finds a new home. 
11/02/2009 - 211th arrives in Afghanistan 
10/30/2009 - About "Active Duty" 
10/29/2009 - The 147th: Catching up with SD National Guard in Kuwait 
10/28/2009 - SD Guard - A wife & mom on the homefront 
10/28/2009 - The 211th - A General's Send-Off 
10/25/2009 - The 211th at Fort McCoy. 
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