Meet the high-schooler who Donald Trump blocked on Twitter

Last Updated by Lidia Jean Kott on

Antonio Del Otero called the president-elect a 'reject Cheeto.'

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A stunning election victory for the opposition in West Africa's The Gambia

Last Updated by The World staff on

President Yahya Jammeh has ruled The Gambia with a heavy hand for the past 22 years. But the opposition turned out in force to vote, and now the West African nation is set for a rare handover of power.

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If you set magical realism to music, it might sound like this

Last Updated by April Peavey on

If Gabriel Garcia Marquez had a soundtrack to his stories, the music would come from the Colombian band Puerto Candelaria.

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A North Carolina family grapples with very different takes on the immigration debate

Last Updated by Jasmine Garsd on

President-elect Donald Trump's stance on immigration has some members of this family worried — while others are celebrating.

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Gabriel Garcia Marquez had Fidel Castro read his books to catch errors before publication

Last Updated by The World staff on

Few realize that Fidel Castro played a part in the Nobel Prize-winning author's books. Not as a character or inspiration, but as an editor.

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America's missileers stand ready to launch nuclear weapons — and pray they won't have to

Last Updated by Daniel A. Gross on

If nuclear war ever breaks out, these men and women will be on the front lines.

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The World's music features this week: Los Van Van, Acid Arab and Puerto Candelaria

Last Updated by April Peavey, Marco Werman on

Here are the artists we featured on The World this week.

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Three months after the Olympics, Rio de Janeiro is broke

Last Updated by Will Carless on

A federal bailout kept police on the streets and hospitals open while Olympics tourists were in town. But now the money has dried up and public employees aren’t being paid.

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Venezuela's currency value depends largely on one guy at an Alabama Home Depot

Last Updated by The World staff on

Gustavo Díaz's website, DolarToday, has become a handy financial tool for Venezuelans trying to navigate their underground economy, much to the dismay of Venezuelan authorities.

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Rare photos of Fidel Castro's 1959 visit to the US

Last Updated by The World staff on

Hundreds of images, lost for years, document the beginning of Fidel Castro's Cuban Revolution, including his visit with Richard Nixon in April 1959.

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This Colombian artist gives a voice to victims of violence

Last Updated by Sarah Birnbaum on

A Colombian sculptor tells stories of violence. Her work has focused on Colombia's war, the gun violence in Chicago, and now the migrants who've lost their lives in the Mediterranean.

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Could scientists help defuse a nuclear crisis?

Last Updated by The World staff on

In the height of the Cold War, Soviet and American scientists worked together to limit nuclear proliferation.

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From the Manhattan Project to the Iran deal: A nuclear timeline

Last Updated by Timothy McGrath on

Whoever wins the US presidency on Nov. 8 will be tasked with managing America's increasingly tense relationship with Russia. And that means managing the future of a decades-long and complicated nuclear relationship with Russia — and with the world.

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What Hollywood nuclear war movies still have to tell us today

Last Updated by Jonathan Kealing on

The US and Russia each still have more than 1,000 strategic nuclear warheads deployed and ready to strike. Depending on your point of view, they remain the biggest safeguard or biggest risk to international peace and security.

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A family tradition: Working to keep the world safe from nuclear disaster

Last Updated by The World staff on

Matthew Bunn recalls his father George Bunn — and their intersecting work to control the spread of nuclear weapons and material.

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