PHOTOS: It's official. The Women's March has swept the globe

Last Updated by Jonathan Kealing on

Tens of thousands of women and men turned out for the March on Washington's sister marches in cities and countries around the globe. See the pictures.

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Solar panels are cheaper than ever. But some manufacturers are losing money.

Last Updated by Christopher Intagliata, Julia Franz on

The price of solar photovoltaic panels is going down. That's good for consumers, solar installers — and the environment. But some manufacturers were selling at a loss in December 2016.

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Soft Robots Mimic Muscle to Expand the Body’s Limits

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Special Coverage: How Will Scientific Research Fare Under President Donald Trump?

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©2016 Science Friday

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Reactions to a Trump presidency — from around the globe

Last Updated by The World staff on

We checked in with some of our correspondents across the globe to get a sense of what people are thinking and feeling about the new president — from Mexico, where even schoolchildren watched the inauguration, to Russia, where all kinds of Trump merchandise is for sale.

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Trump has the nuclear codes. Here's why that might not change much.

Last Updated by Daniel A. Gross on

Despite all the change anticipated in Washington, we should expect continuity when it comes to nuclear weapons policy, says Ambassador Adam Scheinman, who has served as the State Department's special representative to the president for nuclear nonproliferation since 2014.

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The World's music features this week: Alsarah & The Nubatones, William Onyeabor and Chicano Batman

Last Updated by April Peavey on

Each week on The World, we feature a unique selection of music, and every week, we put together the highlights for you here.

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The Women's March on Washington will have sister marches in over 75 countries

Last Updated by Isis Madrid on

The Women's March on Washington has a predicted headcount of over 200,000 people — set to be the largest US presidential inauguration demonstration in history. But the rallying cry that "women’s rights are human rights" won’t just be heard on the streets of the nation’s capital this weekend.

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Trump removes 'climate change' from the White House website. History tells us regulatory change will take longer.

Last Updated by Carolyn Beeler on

Some of the environmental rules and regulations President Donald Trump has said he'll reverse could take years to overturn.

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Trump just delivered the most 'America'-filled inaugural speech of all time

Last Updated by Sophie Chou on

In a speech that was short and simple in language, President Donald Trump spoke out against 'carnage' and used the word 'America' more times than any other president in history.

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What happened to everyone who was going to leave the US if Trump won?

Last Updated by Amanda Kersey on

Travel writer Jessica Nabongo, whose blog post “Countries To Move To If Trump Becomes President” became a hit, is keeping her options open.

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In California, where homelessness has risen, cities are looking for long-term solutions

Last Updated by Isabel Angell, Anna Pratt on

On any given night in San Francisco, officials estimate there are at least 6,700 people living on the streets. The city is trying to turn it around — as are other California cities struggling with the problem of homelessness.

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Photos: Compare the crowd at Trump's inauguration with Obama's

Last Updated by Kuang Keng Kuek Ser on

The difference is huge.

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Will Trump bring a U-turn on climate policy? Probably, but ...

Last Updated by Peter Thomson on

Barack Obama made strong action on the global climate crisis a hallmark of his second term. His newly-elected successor Donald Trump says climate change is a hoax. That could mean a rollback of years of hard-won progress on fighting climate change.

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This Republican holds out hope for a Trump conversion on climate change

Last Updated by Peter Thomson on

Former South Carolina Congressman Bob Inglis has big problems with the incoming president, but sees some flickers of hope on climate policy despite all the red flags.

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