Before It Gets Better: Mental Health Access Legislative Committee

Posted by Heather Benson on

Members of an appointed legislative committee talk about their efforts to study access to mental health services in South Dakota on this episode of South Dakota Focus.

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Before It Gets Better: Teen Mental Wellness

Last Updated by Heather Benson on

Where Do We Go From Here, hosted by Chuck Parkinson in our Black Hills Studios, explores the topic of teen mental wellness.

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Before It Gets Better: Mental Health in the Workplace

Last Updated by Heather Benson on

As part of our multi-platform coverage of mental health in South Dakota, our Making a Living online program discussed mental health in the workplace.

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Before It Gets Better: Ecotherapy

Posted by Lori Walsh on

South Dakota is a state with limited mental health resources. What we have in abundance, however, is a connection to the natural world. Ecotherapy is considered an important part of our physical, mental and spiritual health.

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Before It Gets Better: Arts Therapy

Posted by Chynna Lockett on

Music and art therapy are two ways that some people are support their mental health. As part of our multi-platform project, Before It Gets Better, we learned more about these forms of therapy.

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Before It Gets Better: How Patient Data Can Help Prevent Future Suicides

Last Updated by Jackie Hendry on

As healthcare professionals bring more focus to mental health treatment, one effort is to prevent suicide. The best way to know what works and what doesn’t: Data and research.

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Before It Gets Better: DSS Tool Gives First Responders Ways to Help Mental Health Crises

Last Updated by Gary Ellenbolt on

Those with careers in law enforcement, or who serve as probation officers or first responders, are trained early in their careers to be ready for anything. In cases that involve dealing with someone with behavioral health difficulties, it can be difficult to figure out what to be ready for. The South Dakota Department of Social Services offers a manual that serves as a road map for dealing with

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Before It Gets Better: Lack of West River Services Part of Statewide Issue

Last Updated by Lee Strubinger on

Rapid City is isolated when it comes to mental health care access and coverage.

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Before It Gets Better: Local Nonprofit Teaches Suicide Prevention

Posted by Chynna Lockett on

People who face mental health challenges can struggle with a range of conditions and symptoms. Thoughts of suicide can be a factor for some, regardless of age, race or profession. The Front Porch Coalition in Rapid City trains people and organizations on how to help prevent suicide and recognize when people are suffering a mental health crisis.

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Before It Gets Better: Aaron Morlock's Story

Last Updated by Lori Walsh on

When you are in the middle of a mental health crisis, you don't have months to wait for help. Sometimes you don't even have hours. Aaron Morlock shares his story of seeking emergency help, being placed in handcuffs for transport to the hospital, and eventually finding the assistance he needed to live a healthy, asymptomatic life.

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Before It Gets Better: PTSD Study Takes Holistic Approach

Last Updated by Cara Hetland on

USD researchers will take a holistic approach to be able to determine if someone exposed to a traumatic event can develop severe PTSD.

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Resources for Start-ups and Entrepreneurs

Last Updated by Kent Osborne on

Making A Living

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Posted by Kent Osborne on

Craft brewing in the Black Hills.

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Women in Public Service

Posted by Kent Osborne on


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Getting Proactive on Mental Health in Western South Dakota

Last Updated by Kent Osborne on

Recorded 16 May 2018

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