South Dakota Focus: Medical Marijuana

Last Updated by Heather Benson on

One of our most recent episodes of South Dakota Focus featured host Stephanie Rissler and a panel of guests discussing the complex issue of medical marijuana.

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They Spoke to Me

Last Updated by Kealey Bultena on

Digging deeper with the Crisis Intervention Training from the Sioux Falls Police Department.

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A Reporter's Take: Managing My Own Emotional Intelligence

Posted by Kealey Bultena on

SDPB's Kealey Bultena looks at her own personality while covering a new training for law enforcement.

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An Obama-era national security adviser argues for diversity as Trump appoints McMaster

Last Updated by Lidia Jean Kott on

The president reportedly interviewed four candidates. They were all white men.

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New Philadelphia law stops employers from asking salary history

Last Updated by Bobby Allyn on

The law, slated to go into effect in May unless it's stopped by the state legislature, aims to close the gender salary gap.

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UN warns famine is on the horizon for several African countries

Last Updated by Scott Tong on

United Nations World Food Programme sounds an alarm on impending food crises.

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This is how Home Depot is growing – without growing

Last Updated by Amy Scott on

Home Depot has benefited from a strong housing market and demand from both professional contractors and do-it-yourself types. The company brought in an estimated $90 billion in revenue last year — without building a lot of new stores.  Click the above audio player to hear the full story.

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02/21/17: Revealing salary history will be history in Philadelphia

Last Updated by Marketplace on

About 20 million people are at risk of starvation within the next six months. We'll look at the four different food crises that are all happening at once. Next, we'll look at Home Depot's earnings growth, despite a lack of new stores, and a Philadelphia law that prevents companies from asking job applicants about past salaries.

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02/21/17: The electric-car economy

Last Updated by Marketplace on

A Volkswagen subsidiary will invest about $2 billion in electric cars over the next decade, as part of VW's settlement in the emissions cheating case.  We'll look at the challenges that an electric-car ecosystem faces. Next, attorney Jenny Afia will join us to talk about her role in rewriting apps' privacy policy for the British government.

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The word 'refugee' has a surprising origin

Last Updated by Leo Hornak on

It has its roots in 17th-century France, when a huge influx of French migrants known as "Huguenots" left their country.

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Japanese Americans remember a dark chapter when they were 'more number than name'

Last Updated by Lisa Morehouse on

Looking back to the US incarceration of Japanese Americans and how, as one historian puts it, people can "lose sight of our important national values of justice and rule of law."

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Leftist Lenin Moreno hopes to avoid runoff in tense Ecuador vote

Last Updated on

If the vote does go to a runoff, and ex-banker Guillermo Lasso wins the presidency, he has promised to end WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's asylum in Ecuador's London embassy.

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Why a food scientist is trying to make powdered breast milk

Last Updated by Joe Diaz on

Donated breast milk in liquid form can be expensive because it needs to be to be screened for disease and drugs, and then stored. One way to address this may be a technique called "spray-drying."

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Walmart results come amid fierce competition with Amazon

Last Updated by Sally Herships on

Walmart releases its quarterly results tomorrow, and they should be interesting. The world's largest brick-and-mortar retailer has been scrambling to take on another retail titan -- Amazon. Walmart recently lowered the minimum purchase amount for free two-day shipping to $35. And if you're willing to pick up your online order at the local Walmart store, there's no shipping charge at all. Will free

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A four-letter word is shaping the debate on minimum wage increases

Last Updated by Sam Harnett on

Wage hike or wage increase? Does it really matter? Linguists would say "yes."

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