Warner Wins Class B Volleyball Championship

Posted by Nate Wek on

The Warner Monarchs are the 2014 state champions in class B of volleyball. They defeated the Chester Area Flyers in four sets on Saturday night.

Warner won the first set 25-15 and the second set 25-17. The Flyers bounced back in the third set, upsetting the Monarchs 30-28. In the fourth set, the Monarchs got their groove back, winning the set 25-19.

The Monarchs were led by a trio of hitters; Ashley Rozell, Jaici Schlosser, and Peyton Ellingson. Rozell had 24 kills with 13 digs, Schlosser had 21 kills with 10 digs and Ellingson had 20 kills with 6 digs.

Chester Area was led by two power hitters in Samantha Ordal, who had 19 kills, and Jenna Reiff, who also had 19 kills.

The Flyers defeated Harding County in a sweep on Friday night and then beat Sully Buttes in the semi-final round. That led to Saturday nights matchup against the Monarchs.

Warner defeated Jones County in the first round, and then defeated Parker in the semi-finals. That led to tonight’s four set showdown, which resulted in Warner winning the 2014 state championship. 

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