2017 State Wrestling Championships, Consolation Semi-Final Results

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  Consi Semis
    Cons. Semi - Dylan Wolf (Lemmon/McIntosh) 35-9 won by decision over Kaden Keiser (Winner Area) 41-14 (Dec 6-2)
    Cons. Semi - Lance Soukup (Wagner) 36-11 won by decision over Jordan Rueb (Bon Homme/Scotland) 26-11 (Dec 3-1)


  Consi Semis
    Cons. Semi - Hunter Pranger (Mt. Vernon/Plankinton/Corsica-Stickney) 39-14 won by decision over Jadyn Coller (Philip Area) 32-8 (Dec 8-2)
    Cons. Semi - Trevor Klinnert (Tri-Valley) 33-4 won by decision over Wyatt Turnquist (Winner Area) 41-9 (Dec 2-1)


  Consi Semis
    Cons. Semi - Atlas Willuweit (Winner Area) 34-10 won by major decision over Zak Fowler (Elk Point-Jefferson) 36-10 (MD 13-3)
    Cons. Semi - Jackson Eklund (Burke/Gregory) 36-5 won by fall over Colton Borah (Wolsey-Wessington) 26-18 (Fall 0:52)


  Consi Semis
    Cons. Semi - Dirk Wolf (Lemmon/McIntosh) 36-4 won by decision over Luke Heninger (Stanley County) 32-5 (Dec 10-7)
    Cons. Semi - Trevor Pray (Groton Area) 32-5 won by decision over Blade Forman (Miller/Highmore-Harrold) 24-15 (Dec 7-2)


  Consi Semis
    Cons. Semi - Scott Peterson (Canton) 42-12 won by decision over Kolton Kribell (Beresford/Alcester-Hudson) 42-13 (Dec 3-2)
    Cons. Semi - Sam Kruger (Kimball/White Lake/Platte-Geddes) 42-7 won by fall over JD Carter (Stanley County) 27-15 (Fall 0:54)


  Consi Semis
    Cons. Semi - Jaden Shepherd (Mobridge-Pollock) 35-8 won by decision over Jaden Dominisse (Canton) 31-13 (Dec 7-5)
    Cons. Semi - Zach Sykora (Bon Homme/Scotland) 29-15 won by decision over Alex Aesoph (Faulkton Area) 33-9 (Dec 7-0)


  Consi Semis
    Cons. Semi - Dylan Colt (Elk Point-Jefferson) 33-9 won by decision over Levi Mines (Custer/Edgemont) 23-16 (Dec 6-0)
    Cons. Semi - Kyler Holzbauer (Parkston) 36-6 won by fall over Blake Gessner (McCook Central/Montrose) 45-19 (Fall 1:13)


  Consi Semis
    Cons. Semi - Devon Sievers (Deuel) 33-6 won by fall over Wyatt Burke (Clark/Willow Lake) 36-15 (Fall 2:02)
    Cons. Semi - Brice Harkless (Hot Springs) 35-6 won by decision over Marcus Urban (Mt. Vernon/Plankinton/Corsica-Stickney) 43-8 (Dec 4-3)


  Consi Semis
    Cons. Semi - Kelby Hawkins (Webster Area) 40-1 won by decision over Keagan Fitch (Philip Area) 37-8 (Dec 7-2)
    Cons. Semi - Jeremiah Beck (Burke/Gregory) 34-7 won by decision over Lane Schuelke (Newell) 34-12 (Dec 5-1)


  Consi Semis
    Cons. Semi - Caleb Krouse (McCook Central/Montrose) 45-9 won by fall over Logan Donelan (Elk Point-Jefferson) 28-11 (Fall 1:50)
    Cons. Semi - Trey Nachtigall (Hot Springs) 42-6 won by decision over Kayleb Brozik (Winner Area) 46-6 (Dec 5-3)


  Consi Semis
    Cons. Semi - Jack Whaley (Stanley County) 38-9 won in tie breaker - 1 over Colton Koslowski (Webster Area) 33-10 (TB-1 2-1)
    Cons. Semi - Trig Olson (Harding County) 33-9 won by decision over Stone Jensen (Mobridge-Pollock) 33-16 (Dec 8-6)


  Consi Semis
    Cons. Semi - Logan Richie (Webster Area) 14-3 won by decision over Jason Gerry (Mobridge-Pollock) 27-13 (Dec 8-2)
    Cons. Semi - Caleb Brandt (Wolsey-Wessington) 37-9 won by decision over Evan Kizer (Howard) 32-9 (Dec 7-2)


  Consi Semis
    Cons. Semi - James Nelson (Bennett County) 38-5 won by decision over Noah Riechert (Parkston) 35-14 (Dec 10-8)
    Cons. Semi - Jesse Hastings (Mt. Vernon/Plankinton/Corsica-Stickney) 40-3 won by decision over Dylan Hines (Wolsey-Wessington) 12-4 (Dec 4-2)


  Consi Semis
    Cons. Semi - Colten Nelson (Burke/Gregory) 23-8 won by decision over Riley Schmiedt (Springs/Woonsocket) 34-13 (Dec 3-2)
    Cons. Semi - Trent Rus (Beresford/Alcester-Hudson) 38-6 won by fall over Adam Miller (Canton) 42-11 (Fall 2:05)


  Consi Semis
    Cons. Semi - Riley Hollingshead (SF Roosevelt) 33-12 won by decision over Cody Stockman (RC Stevens) 31-15 (Dec 8-4)
    Cons. Semi - Isaac Klinkhammer (Brandon Valley) 37-3 won by decision over Eli Fischer (Milbank Area) 45-11 (Dec 3-1)


  Consi Semis
    Cons. Semi - Eli Kadoun (SF Roosevelt) 30-10 won by decision over Tristan Permann (Sturgis Brown) 30-19 (Dec 5-1)
    Cons. Semi - Colby Mennis (Madison) 38-9 won by decision over TJ Morrison (RC Central) 41-13 (Dec 11-4)


  Consi Semis
    Cons. Semi - Jaetin DeCou (Lennox) 44-9 won by decision over Robert Coyle III (Watertown) 34-14 (Dec 8-6)
    Cons. Semi - Jacob Husby (Vermillion) 44-12 won by decision over Collin Powell (Chamberlain) 40-7 (Dec 6-3)


  Consi Semis
    Cons. Semi - Aydan Mack (Watertown) 25-13 won by major decision over Sam Lehman (Brookings) 26-19 (MD 11-1)
    Cons. Semi - Wesley Weischedel (Lennox) 50-6 won by decision over Jacob Hanssen (Harrisburg) 34-11 (Dec 5-1)


  Consi Semis
    Cons. Semi - Chipper Shillingstad (Huron) 29-9 won by fall over Casey Moser (RC Stevens) 32-20 (Fall 1:06)
    Cons. Semi - Creighton Klinkhammer (Brandon Valley) 37-6 won by decision over Cully Olson (Sturgis Brown) 15-4 (Dec 4-1)


  Consi Semis
    Cons. Semi - Austin Senger (Pierre TF Riggs) 41-6 won by fall over Kyle Tulowetzke (Watertown) 30-6 (Fall 2:15)
    Cons. Semi - Bailey Mennis (Madison) 30-7 won by tech fall over Austin Cihak (Aberdeen Central) 32-22 (TF-1.5 3:00 (15-0))


  Consi Semis
    Cons. Semi - Riley McSherry (RC Central) 35-15 won by decision over Cole Halouska (Lennox) 47-13 (Dec 8-5)
    Cons. Semi - Aric Williams (Pierre TF Riggs) 44-5 won by fall over Jackson Pletten (Brandon Valley) 18-10 (Fall 2:21)


  Consi Semis
    Cons. Semi - Kesmond Willert (Brookings) 25-11 won by decision over Colton Jackson (Douglas/RC Christian) 41-12 (Dec 3-2)
    Cons. Semi - Collin Haar (Aberdeen Central) 39-14 won by decision over Briggs Havlik (Mitchell) 32-16 (Dec 1-0)


  Consi Semis
    Cons. Semi - Tristen Boeckholt (West Central) 43-9 won by decision over Nick Schirado (Harrisburg) 40-17 (Dec 7-0)
    Cons. Semi - Blake Anderson (RC Central) 36-14 won by fall over Tate Coon (Brookings) 32-11 (Fall 7:21)


  Consi Semis
    Cons. Semi - Zach Solano (RC Central) 40-9 won by fall over Tyler Zebell (Lennox) 42-15 (Fall 4:20)
    Cons. Semi - Jacob Schoon (Brookings) 33-4 won by fall over Jason Simon (West Central) 20-6 (Fall 4:29)


  Consi Semis
    Cons. Semi - Tate Gatzke (Belle Fourche) 44-6 won by decision over Logan Hadley (Brookings) 27-19 (Dec 8-3)
    Cons. Semi - Lucas Stoltenburg (Pierre TF Riggs) 29-21 won by decision over Mason Wickherst (Watertown) 34-7 (Dec 7-4)


  Consi Semis
    Cons. Semi - Carson Max (Mitchell) 23-8 won in sudden victory - 1 over Riley Hollander (West Central) 32-10 (SV-1 3-1)
    Cons. Semi - Nate Guthmiller (Madison) 34-7 won in tie breaker - 1 over Jake Flakus (Aberdeen Central) 39-17 (TB-1 3-2)


  Consi Semis
    Cons. Semi - Marshal Simons (Huron) 28-11 won by decision over Levi Stoltenburg (Pierre TF Riggs) 31-16 (Dec 7-6)
    Cons. Semi - Corey Fichter (SF Lincoln) 40-5 won by decision over Brody Surrell (Vermillion) 38-15 (Dec 1-0)


  Consi Semis
    Cons. Semi - Ryan Parker (Dakota Valley) 36-5 won by decision over Ty Paulsen (Pierre TF Riggs) 31-18 (Dec 7-0)
    Cons. Semi - Alex Lorenzini (SF Washington) 30-7 won by decision over Dane Stahl (Watertown) 35-9 (Dec 3-2)

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