Freeman To Host Yankton Bucks vs Mitchell Kernels Football Game

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Tonight in southeast South Dakota, one high school field will host a Class 11AA game for probably the first time. Freeman will host the Yankton Bucks and Mitchell Kernels.

The Yankton Bucks play in what is arguably one of the most historic venues in the state. Crane-Youngworth Field has hosted the Bucks—and at one time, the Greyhounds of Yankton College. But a renovation project got under way this summer, major work that was supposed to be completed by Yankton’s home opener tonight. But work got delayed, and the stadium isn’t ready. This left Yankton Activities Director Ryan Mors searching for options for the game against Mitchell.

“The first thing I did is contact the Mitchell Activities Director, Cory Aadland, to see if we could flip flop our games in 2017 and 2018, and have Yankton go to Mitchell this year and have Mitchell come to Yankton next year,” said Mors. “Well, Mitchell has five road games and four home games next year, and if we switch, they would have six road games and three—so they weren’t interested in doing that.”

Mors also looked into playing at USD’s Dakota Dome, but that didn’t work either. At one time, Mors was a teacher and coach in Freeman—not too far from Yankton or Mitchell. Freeman’s program is now in a co-op with Canistota, and the field is open. The town of about 1,300 will host the Yankton-Mitchell game. Mors said he expects the field to be ready for the Bucks’ next scheduled home game in two weeks.

“I really think it will—you know, I had a meeting out there yesterday, and there were people everywhere out there working,” explained Mors. “So, you know, if the weather cooperates and everything goes according to plan, I do suspect that we’ll be playing at home on September 22nd—and that’s one we’re really looking forward to because that’s also our homecoming date.”

The Bucks come into Friday’s game winless in two efforts—Mitchell is 2-0. The Kernals are the defending State 11AA champions.

Listen to the full audio conversation with SDPB's Gary Ellenbolt and Yankton Bucks AD Ryan Mors...

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