What does the word 'Savor' mean to you?

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Rachel Nava (left) and Mavis Two Bulls (right) enjoy cooking wojapi.
SDPB 2016

How do you define the word 'Savor'?  It's a question that I've asked many people as we've travelled the state for the premiere of South Dakota Public Broadcasting's project: Savor Dakota.  

Merriam-Webster gives a simple definition:

  • : a good taste or smell

  • : the quality that makes something interesting or enjoyable

Growing food is a way of life.  Making food is another engrossing career.  Both professions are those of passion.  Once the ingredients are harvested and make their way to the table, food brings people together.  Food can be a destination as people seek out new establishments as they travel the state.

Picking a crop, creating menu items and enjoying the final dish is a journey to be savored, for sure.

Mavis Two Bulls and her sister Rachel Nava graciously prepared fry bread and wojapi for us.  They relish the time that they get to spend with each other making food for their family.  It's a task of celebration as loved ones gather and it informs their definition of savor.

As season one of Savor Dakota draws to a close, I am grateful for everyone who has shared their passion of growing and cooking food with us.  I've truly savored the experience.