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Continued Live Coverage of House of Representatives’ Public Impeachment Hearings on SDPB
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SDPB Radio, TV and Digital will continue to provide live, anchored coverage and primetime analysis of the House of Representatives’ Public Impeachment Hearings.

Tentative schedule includes:

Tuesday 11/19, 8am - 4pm CT / 7am – 3pm MT (LIVE COVERAGE)

Tuesday 11/19, 6pm - 2am CT / 5pm – 1am MT (PRIMETIME REPEAT)

Wednesday 11/20, 8am - 4pm CT / 7am – 3pm MT(LIVE COVERAGE)

Wednesday 11/20, 6pm – 2am CT / 5pm – 1am MT (PRIMETIME REPEAT)

Thursday 11/21, 8am – Noon CT / 7am – 11am MT (LIVE COVERAGE)

Thursday 11/21, 6pm - 10pm CT / 5pm – 9pm MT (PRIMETIME REPEAT)

Live coverage on SDPB2-World, SDPB Radio, and begins at 8am CT/7am MT on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

A repeat of the coverage will broadcast on SDPB2-World each night at 6pm CT/5 MT. SDPB Radio will air an NPR Special Report recapping the hearings each night at 7pm CT/6 MT.

Listen online live at

“Covering impeachment hearings is how the PBS NewsHour got its start, with Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer during the Watergate hearings,” said Sara Just, Executive Producer and Senior Vice President of the PBS NewsHour. “It is as important now as it was then that we provide the audience with access to these historic developments and insight for understanding their significance.”

Schedule is subject to change.